Are you a 5 or a 10?

Last night one of the TV channels here in the UK showed the 2010 film “Out of my League”.

I hadn’t managed to see it before and since it was time for me to put my feet up and relax, I decided to watch it.

While I found the film very funny and entertaining it also struck me that there were some surprising insights into success or otherwise in our lives.

If you haven’t seen the film it tells the story of Kirk, a shy retiring type, who works at Pittsburgh airport as a security officer.

He is part of a group of mates who work in different roles at the airport who have a mission to get off with every pretty girl that comes through the airport.

They have a particular scoring system for both themselves and the girls that they come into contact with. The scoring ranges from 1 to 10  with Kirk being rated as a 5 or possibly a 6 at best. One of the interesting parts of the scoring is that they believe you can’t jump more than 2 places on the scale when seeking a relationship with a potential pretty girl.

So when Molly, a definite 10, comes through and becomes very keen on Kirk, his mates, especially Stainer the most dominant and vocal of the group, rush to make it clear to Kirk that this relationship would fail if he pursued it.

After all, he is a 5 or 6  and could only hope to score with a 7 or 8 at best.

The end of the film sees a complete turn round of Kirk’s fortunes as he and Molly become long-term partners.

It becomes apparent during the film that part of Stainers thoughts on the scoring principle is based on the fact that he was dumped by someone who he thought was a perfect 10.

He is persuaded towards the end of the film to approach his ex-girfriend and tell her that he’s still crazy about her and always thought she was a 10 but that he wasn’t and that’s why it didn’t succeed.

She makes a telling point in response to this belief. She tells him that she always thought he was also a 10, the problem was, she said, that he didn’t think he was a ten.

I see comparisons to the theme of this film every day. I see family and friends telling entrepreneurs that they will never achieve success online and to just give up. Quite often there is no malice in their comments. They believe that many of us are not meant to succeed, never meant to step outside of the status quo.

I believe that in many cases this is the result of not feeling at a 10 themselves and don’t feel comfortable with family and friends around them moving ahead.

This constant programming causes devastation to us entrepreneurs. It keeps dragging us down as we struggle to get ahead no matter how hard we try to block it out.

If you’ve ever been the subject of that sort of programming I’m here to tell you that you are already a 10. You’ve taken the step to change your circumstances and that takes a level 10 type of courage.

And as for that rule of not being able to move more than 2 places, forget it. You’re a 10, even though it may not be showing outside, and as soon as you start to believe you’re a 10, things will begin to appear on the outside.

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