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Lesson 6 – Which Way Is For You?

In this lesson I want to talk about making money online.

On the face of it, especially if you’re new to the world of Internet Marketing, it may seem like the term ‘making money online’ refers to one thing – one activity.

The reality is very, very different. In this lesson I’m going to dig deeper into that subject and hopefully provide some valuable insights into making money online.

I think a good place to start this discussion is to identify what we mean by the term Internet marketing. Continue reading

Lesson 5 – Your Freedom Figure

In this lesson I want to talk about what I believe to be another of the keys to success online.

It’s what I call your “Freedom Figure”. Actually, I think it was another online marketer, Tony Shepherd, that I first heard describe it but it is such a powerful concept that I want to pass it on to you.

During my years online there’s one thing that I’ve seen over and over again when I read the stories of those that have gone from struggling to success. So much so that I now believe it is the key to moving to the next level of online success. Continue reading

Lesson 4 – Fast Money Vs Slow Money

In this lesson I want to address one of the areas that causes the most disappointment and failure in the online world.

If I asked any of you reading this right now what was the reason that you were here you would say that it’s because you want to make money. Not surprising because we all want to make money online.

However, from my experience of working with my subscribers and coaching clients over many years, it’s not quite as simple and clear-cut as that. Continue reading

Lesson 3 – This Is Why The 1% Succeed – Will You Be One Of Them?

Today I want to talk about the one thing that is responsible
for success or failure at anything – online or offline.

It’s so vitally important to your success and yet it is ignored
or deliberately not spoken about by the majority of business

The reason that it is so rarely discussed is, I believe, because
it’s not what the majority of people want to hear about.

It doesn’t sell products, it doesn’t make them lots of money so they
prefer to sell what people think they want.

What is this vitally important ingredient to your success? Continue reading