Are You Putting The Cart Before The Horse Too?

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Trevor here, I hope you’re well.

What an eventful week this has been with what seems to have been a shock result to the US elections.

Many of us here in the UK have been watching the election process with interest. Even though it isn’t our leader who’s being elected the outcome will certainly affect us in many ways.

The world is getting smaller all the time and our lives are becoming increasingly inter-dependent because of it.

I for one will be watching your new President’s progress with interest.

Meanwhile, we’re getting towards winter here in the UK and the cold frosty mornings this last week and the dark mornings and short days tell us that winter will soon be upon us.

It is also the time of year when a lot of business owners start to review how our business has gone this year and what we want to achieve in our business in the coming year.

I’ve started to give it some thought but it’s usually next month that I really get down to planning things.

Talking about planning, I’m still surprised by how many people I talk to about marketing online that don’t plan their businesses at all.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said that failing to plan was planning to fail by default and he was absolutely spot on.

I was reminded of this just last weekend. I was in London to meet up with a colleague of mine to plan out a joint venture that we have coming up.

He was in London helping out at a weekend workshop being run by a number of Internet marketers and I agreed to travel down to meet him there.

I arrived at the end of the workshop on Sunday afternoon just as many of the attendees were leaving. As I waited outside the meeting hall for my friend one of the attendees approached me and asked if I had enjoyed the workshop.

He thought I had been attending throughout the weekend like him. I explained that I was just there for a meeting and took the opportunity to ask him about what he was doing online and how things were going.

The conversation that followed was similar to one that so many online marketers have with me, even those that have been online for some time.

It describes why so many people fail to become successful in business whether that’s online or offline.

He said that his business was stuck currently because he needed to create a product and didn’t know what to create.

Does that resonate with you, have you felt like that before? Is that your roadblock right now?

If you are you are certainly not on your own but the fact is that we should never be stuck to come up with a suitable product.

If, and this is the key ingredient that most are missing, If we know our market.

I really wanted to help this guy so I asked him a few questions about his business.

I asked him who his target market was – he said he didn’t know.

I asked him if he had created in his mind an avatar for his ideal customer – he hadn’t.

You see without knowing who he was marketing to he would never be able to discover what their problems were, what their pain points were, what problems any product he created needed to solve.

He was putting the cart before the horse.

I advised him to think seriously about his market. Who did he want to serve, who did he think he was ideally placed to help. How did his experiences from past work or hobbies equip him to provide value to a market.

Once he was able to get his head around that and build a picture of the ideal customer in his mind, then he could think clearly about creating a product that they would be likely to buy from him.

Once we know what our customers are looking for a solution for, selling it to them becomes easy. We don’t have to come up with fancy sales talk to sell to them, we just need to show them that we have the solution to their issues.

The sad thing is my colleague told me that these people had paid $3000 to be there that weekend and at the end of it this guy still had no clue what he was doing.

That made me really sad. Here was somebody that had spent a lot of money, maybe money that he couldn’t really afford to spend, in the hope that this time he was finally going to achieve his dream.

And yet he was still lost, he was still thinking he needed to create a product. The workshop hadn’t even shown him how to go about deciding what product to create let alone shown him that he wasn’t ready to create one.

It’s things like that, people spending their hard earned money to improve their lives, and not being given usable, actionable help that has finally pushed me into deciding to launch my own coaching program early next year.

I’m still gathering feedback and researching my market at the moment and would like to hear from you what’s holding you back.

Email me at or add a comment to this post.

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