Stop What You’re Doing

If you’ve been trying to make it online for more than a few months and still not achieved the income level that you wanted to achieve then this could be the light bulb moment for you.

It may upset you, even annoy you but it’s something that I feel compelled to write. There are times when we get an overwhelming push to do something and this is one of those moments for me.

Like I said, I believe this is the most important training I have ever felt the need to give.

Why is that? Because if you are the person I described above, you’ve been online for a few months or maybe years now and have still not “made it”, whatever that is for you, then you need to stop what you’re doing and follow with me through all of this training.

The reason I say that you must stop what you’re doing is because you are clearly doing something wrong and we need to get that sorted.

You’ve probably heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing today that you did yesterday and expecting a different result.

Well, sorry to have to be the one to bring it to your attention but that’s where you and thousands of people trying to make money online are.

Now, before you get upset at me I say that with an arm around your shoulder – I’m here to help.

It’s almost certainly not your fault that you find yourself where you are because it’s a result of the false promises that get preached every day online.

It’s a result of the “install this bit of software and push a few buttons and money will fly into your bank account” messages that people like you find yourself where you are.

It’s a result of all of the distractions that you get. It’s the endless WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers), the daily launches on every topic going that you will supposedly fail miserably without.

So you buy this latest thing that you must have or you’ll never make a penny and you still don’t make anything.

And on and on it goes for months and years and as time goes by you get more and more frustrated and in many cases desperate so you try even more things in the hope that this is the one.

Is any of this resonating with you?

I know that there’ll be lots of yes’s to that question because I read emails from people all the time that describe just such a situation.

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments below. Get your frustration off your chest if you want, I’ll listen.

That’s why you must stop now. What you’ve done up to now hasn’t worked and it’s not going to work in the future – right?

Remember doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

It’s time to do something different.

But what?

“Surely, you say, I’ve been trying lots of different things already. Why do you think I’ve been doing that? Because they all promised me a different result that’s why”.

That’s a good point and I understand where you’re coming from. The problem is though that the people selling you these different ways are, in many cases, well meaning but misinformed themselves.

In the main they are only passing on the incorrect training that they’ve been given.

They’ve been taught that to make money online you need to create WSO’s so that’s what they do.

They create one WSO after another and try selling them to you and you buy them because you believe that they will deliver what you came online for.

In reality though, what they are, are distractions.

The reason that we allow those distractions to draw us in is because we don’t have a clearly defined goal, a clear reason for being online in the first place.

The reason that most people are online in the first place is because they typed into Google “How to make money online”.

They had a need to make some money somehow and maybe heard that people on the Internet are getting rich.

From that point on it has been like they are prospecting for gold. Digging here – no gold, trying over there – no gold, trying somewhere else – still no gold.

The only reason we allow those distractions to take our attention is because we don’t have a stronger reason to say no to them.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Just picture a pet cat out back and a little bird lands on a fence nearby. The cat will spot the bird and creep up on it with all intentions of catching it. It makes a half-hearted attempt to jump up at it but isn’t that bothered when it misses. After all it will be getting its tea in a dish before long like it does every day.

No imagine a bigger cat. It’s the end of the dry season on the Serengeti and you and your cubs haven’t had a decent meal in months. The Wildebeest have just started their migration.

The lioness focuses her attention on a young calf straggling behind and nothing will distract her from bringing down and feeding her cubs.

Despite all of the chaos of the herd around her she stays totally focused because to become distracted means no food for the family.

She is making a deliberate choice to remain focused because the consequences of not doing so are very strong.

Now let’s talk about the online distractions. Do you have a goal as strong as that lioness? No?

Is that why you are where you are after all these weeks, months or even years?

Believe it or not but that example of the lioness holds the key to online success.

I told you at the start of this training to stop what you were doing. The reason I said that was because until you identify clearly at a deep emotional, physical level why you are online at all, doing anything else is a waste of your time, energy and probably money too.

So what’s you reason? You may say it’s to make money, but how much money and by when? And why do you need the money, what’s it for?

Is it so that you can quit a job you can’t stand having to go to every day? Then think about what you would feel like if you had to keep doing that job because of decisions you made.

To achieve your goal of quitting that job you will need to identify how much money you’ll need to generate online.

Then you will need to decide which way, which method you are going to use to make that amount of money.

Then you will need to identify what skills you need to learn or to identify what resources you’ll need to put that plan into action.

Only when you know all of that will you be in a position to make decisions about what you focus on and what are distractions.

Make no mistake about it that every time you allow another WSO, or text message or phone call that doesn’t contribute towards your end goal of quitting that job to drag you away from the tasks you have in hand, you are making a conscious decision to stick with the J.O.B.

It might sound harsh but if you are not prepared to really focus in on why you’re doing this and make a conscious decision to only allow those things that contribute towards achieving your goal to take your attention you would be better off forgetting doing anything online and resign yourself to staying with your current situation.

Having said that I’m not saying that you should become totally obsessed to the point of having no life outside of the Internet and I’m not saying that you will never get distracted.

I get distracted, we all get distracted from time to time. The difference is that once you get a clear picture of why you’re doing this, you’ll know when something is a distraction and be able to handle it.

We all get the same amount of time in our days. The people that become successful quickly, know how to use their time wisely.

Have you noticed someone that has been online a lot less time than you and yet are so far ahead of you? They are already making way more money than you and don’t seem to be any smarter than you are?

It’s all about having a big reason why and focusing on achieving it.

I’ve not done a training session like this before, I hope it gave you some clarity that maybe you didn’t have before.

If you found this training useful I’m working on a new coaching program that I’ll be launching early in the New Year. In order to make that program as beneficial to you as I can make it, it would be really helpful if you let me know what you are having difficulty with in your business. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

I also recommend Drive from Sean Mize which is available on Kindle and maybe paperback too.

Until next time,

Kind regards,





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